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Remax – high-end property
Client:Remax InfinityIndustry:Real EstateClient type:InternationalSolution:Real Estate video with human touch for more credibility, drone footage for modern touch and present surroundings
Beko – How to videos
Client:BekoIndustry:Home AppliancesClient type:InternationalSolution:In two months, we delivered more than 12 demo video that were shot in our studio in Cluj Napoca
Client:Pando CompanyIndustry:Home ApplaiancesClient type:International BrandsSolution:Demo video production to display the client's solution to customers and educate them. Mood photography that highlights the product benefits
TEDx Zorilor 2019
Client:TEDx ZorilorIndustry:NonprofitClient type:International brandSolution:Video coverage of the event
Beciul Domnesc – Electric Castle 2022
Client:Beciul DomnescIndustry:Wine & SpiritsClient type:National BrandsSolution:Video and Photo coverage of brand activation at Electric Castle, one of the biggest music festivals in Romania where Beciul Domnesc was the only partner in wine category
Karcher Campaigns
Client:KärcherIndustry:Home & GardenClient type:International brandSolution:Explainer video demonstrating precisely how the product might meet a need. Translation and adaptation of global materials, voiceover adaptation, campaign graphics, mood photography, and campaign graphics.
Arctic – CGI videos
Client:ArcticIndustry:Home AppliancesClient type:InternationalSolution:Within a tight timeframe, our dedicated team rose to the challenge, delivering over 30 CGI expertly crafted videos that showcased the versatility and functionality of Arctic's exceptional products.
Miele – Virtual tours
Client:MieleIndustry:Home AppliancesClient type:InternationalSolution:Virtual tours for all the stores in Romania
Transylvania Open 2022 
Client:Transylvania OpenIndustry:Sport EventsClient type:InternationalSolution:Digital Artisans team delivered more than 100 videos in 14 days, covering the entire event.
Dr. Oetker, Morarita Campaign
Client:MorăriţaIndustry:FMCGClient type:National BrandSolution:Advertise photography, to sell puff pastry product, by telling the story of all Romania cuisine areas
Star Crest
Client:Star CrestIndustry:RetailSolution:Videos and photos describing each of their product lines offered.
Calivita – Aquarion 9
Client:CalivitaIndustry:Food SupplementsClient type:InternationalSolution:"How to use" video in order to ease the consumer journey throught out the product specs.
Efect – IT Service Management
Client:EfectIndustry:IT Service ManagementClient type:National brandSolution:Videos that shows the advantages of Efect services
Calivita – Animated videos
Client:CalivitaIndustry:Food SupplementsClient type:InternationalSolution:Product video for best selling products using animation.
Sports Festival 2022
Client:Sports FestivalIndustry:Sport EventsClient type:NationalSolution:Full social media video coverage for the entire event
MXT – 3D SMARC module animation
Client:MXTIndustry:Electronic and InformationClient type:International brandSolution:Rebranding, Website, CGI video
Casa Victoria- Sweets
Client:Casa VictoriaIndustry:Retail and HorecaClient type:National brandSolution:The creation of websites, logos, packaging, videos, and food photography
Sighisoara Enamel dishes
Client:Enameled Vessel Factory SighisoaraIndustry:Retail manufacturerClient type:National BrandSolution:Product photography that helps create the distinctive brand image by focusing on the most crucial component of client identity: the product.
Beanstalk – Food vlog
Client:BeanstalkIndustry:Vegan FoodClient type:National brandSolution:Tasty video for vegan recipes
Hikari – Japanese restaurant
Client:HikariIndustry:HORECAClient type:International brandSolution:Behind the counter video in a Japanese restaurant.
Client:DiverseBeeIndustry:RetailClient type:International brandSolution:Videos and photos that explain each of their product lines
Client:The MorphozaIndustry:RetailClient type:National BrandSolution:Advertising photography showcasing high-end goods. Delivering video to surprise audience's response
Karcher – Summer Well 2022
Client:KarcherIndustry:Home & GardenClient type:International brandSolution:Video and Photo coverage of brand activation at Summer Well, one of the biggest music festivals in Romania where Karcher was the cleaning partner for the location
Arctic – How to videos
Client:ArcticIndustry:Home AppliancesClient type:InternationalSolution:In six months, we delivered more than 90 "How to use" videos that were shot in our studio.
Carrasia Sparkling Wine
Client:Carastelec Sparkling WineryIndustry:Sparkling WinesClient type:International BrandSolution:Taking professional photos of client products to attract the right customers and make them trust Romanian new sparkling wine
Tricia Design jewelery
Client:Tricia DesignIndustry:Jewelry industryClient type:National BrandsSolution:Video and fashion photography to help jewelry become the ideal online purchase.
Julius Meinl Campaign
Client:Julius Meinl Coffee GroupIndustry:Retail and HorecaClient type:International brandSolution:Curated, amazing mood photography for the entire coffee line, including the beans, ground coffee, and capsules. Coffee mood video
Miele – Product Video
Client:MieleIndustry:Home AppliancesClient type:InternationalSolution:Product video to highlight the features of the product
Paprezzo made to measure shoes
Client:PaprezzoIndustry:Made to measureClient type:National BrandSolution:A winning combination of a website, video, and photography offer as fantastic solution
Beciul Domnesc Wine Campaign
Client:Beciul DomnescIndustry:Wine, & SpiritsClient type:National BrandsSolution:Mood photography for ecommerce for all their wine brands