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Dr. Oetker, Morarita Campaign
Client:MorăriţaIndustry:FMCGClient type:National BrandSolution:Advertise photography, to sell puff pastry product, by telling the story of all Romania cuisine areas
Casa Victoria- Sweets
Client:Casa VictoriaIndustry:Retail and HorecaClient type:National brandSolution:The creation of websites, logos, packaging, videos, and food photography
Efect – IT Service Management
Client:EfectIndustry:IT Service ManagementClient type:National brandSolution:Videos that shows the advantages of Efect services
Miele – Product Video
Client:MieleIndustry:Home AppliancesClient type:InternationalSolution:Product video to highlight the features of the product
Beciul Domnesc – Electric Castle 2022
Client:Beciul DomnescIndustry:Wine & SpiritsClient type:National BrandsSolution:Video and Photo coverage of brand activation at Electric Castle, one of the biggest music festivals in Romania where Beciul Domnesc was the only partner in wine category
Arctic – How to videos
Client:ArcticIndustry:Home AppliancesClient type:InternationalSolution:In six months, we delivered more than 90 "How to use" videos that were shot in our studio.
Karcher Campaigns
Client:KärcherIndustry:Home & GardenClient type:International brandSolution:Explainer video demonstrating precisely how the product might meet a need. Translation and adaptation of global materials, voiceover adaptation, campaign graphics, mood photography, and campaign graphics.
Sighisoara Enamel dishes
Client:Enameled Vessel Factory SighisoaraIndustry:Retail manufacturerClient type:National BrandSolution:Product photography that helps create the distinctive brand image by focusing on the most crucial component of client identity: the product.
Remax – high-end property
Client:Remax InfinityIndustry:Real EstateClient type:InternationalSolution:Real Estate video with human touch for more credibility, drone footage for modern touch and present surroundings
Karcher – Summer Well 2022
Client:KarcherIndustry:Home & GardenClient type:International brandSolution:Video and Photo coverage of brand activation at Summer Well, one of the biggest music festivals in Romania where Karcher was the cleaning partner for the location
Beko – How to videos
Client:BekoIndustry:Home AppliancesClient type:InternationalSolution:In two months, we delivered more than 12 demo video that were shot in our studio in Cluj Napoca
Sports Festival 2022
Client:Sports FestivalIndustry:Sport EventsClient type:NationalSolution:Full social media video coverage for the entire event
Hikari – Japanese restaurant
Client:HikariIndustry:HORECAClient type:International brandSolution:Behind the counter video in a Japanese restaurant.
Julius Meinl Campaign
Client:Julius Meinl Coffee GroupIndustry:Retail and HorecaClient type:International brandSolution:Curated, amazing mood photography for the entire coffee line, including the beans, ground coffee, and capsules. Coffee mood video
Carrasia Sparkling Wine
Client:Carastelec Sparkling WineryIndustry:Sparkling WinesClient type:International BrandSolution:Taking professional photos of client products to attract the right customers and make them trust Romanian new sparkling wine
Beciul Domnesc Wine Campaign
Client:Beciul DomnescIndustry:Wine, & SpiritsClient type:National BrandsSolution:Mood photography for ecommerce for all their wine brands
Calivita – Animated videos
Client:CalivitaIndustry:Food SupplementsClient type:InternationalSolution:Product video for best selling products using animation.
Paprezzo made to measure shoes
Client:PaprezzoIndustry:Made to measureClient type:National BrandSolution:A winning combination of a website, video, and photography offer as fantastic solution
Client:Pando CompanyIndustry:Home ApplaiancesClient type:International BrandsSolution:Demo video production to display the client's solution to customers and educate them. Mood photography that highlights the product benefits
Tricia Design jewelery
Client:Tricia DesignIndustry:Jewelry industryClient type:National BrandsSolution:Video and fashion photography to help jewelry become the ideal online purchase.
Transylvania Open 2022 
Client:Transylvania OpenIndustry:Sport EventsClient type:InternationalSolution:Digital Artisans team delivered more than 100 videos in 14 days, covering the entire event.
Client:The MorphozaIndustry:RetailClient type:National BrandSolution:Advertising photography showcasing high-end goods. Delivering video to surprise audience's response
Client:DiverseBeeIndustry:RetailClient type:International brandSolution:Videos and photos that explain each of their product lines
MXT – 3D SMARC module animation
Client:MXTIndustry:Electronic and InformationClient type:International brandSolution:Rebranding, Website, CGI video
Beanstalk – Food vlog
Client:BeanstalkIndustry:Vegan FoodClient type:National brandSolution:Tasty video for vegan recipes
Miele – Virtual tours
Client:MieleIndustry:Home AppliancesClient type:InternationalSolution:Virtual tours for all the stores in Romania
Calivita – Aquarion 9
Client:CalivitaIndustry:Food SupplementsClient type:InternationalSolution:"How to use" video in order to ease the consumer journey throught out the product specs.
TEDx Zorilor 2019
Client:TEDx ZorilorIndustry:NonprofitClient type:International brandSolution:Video coverage of the event
Arctic – CGI videos
Client:ArcticIndustry:Home AppliancesClient type:InternationalSolution:Within a tight timeframe, our dedicated team rose to the challenge, delivering over 30 CGI expertly crafted videos that showcased the versatility and functionality of Arctic's exceptional products.
Star Crest
Client:Star CrestIndustry:RetailSolution:Videos and photos describing each of their product lines offered.