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There are numerous studios out there, and each one employs a different approach with advantages and disadvantages of their own. Some studios will use a variety of price structures depending on the service being provided. Although there is no right or wrong strategy, we will examine some of the most prevalent pricing models for product photography.


This pricing structure is by far the most common. Most product photography studios will provide a per-photo fee in some way. t’s the most straightforward price structure and operates just as it should. If a studio costs 50 ron for each shot and you order 10, the total cost of the photos will be 500 ron . Numerous studios will provide tier-based per-photo pricing. For instance, the pricing for 10 images is 50 ron each, but if you order 20 or more, the price reduces to 45 ron each. By providing the client with a lower charge when ordering a big number of images while increasing the photographer’s pay for lesser orders, tiered arrangements benefit both sides.

Each hour

Hourly rates are also pretty normal when dealing with product photography studios. Hourly rates can be offered for any project, although they are typically used when the more basic per-photo strategy fails. A studio may charge by the hour when a job necessitates extensive set-up, product preparation, or artistic styling. A client that sells mattresses would ask to have the items shot in a bedroom, for example. An extensive amount of props, set construction, product preparation, and assembly might be required for such a project. Because of this, a photo studio is more likely to offer an hourly rate rather than a simple pricing per image.


Packages might make a lot of sense for people who want to receive a selection of photos for a certain purpose. They can concentrate on a specific platform’s seller requirements, such as Amazon. These packages will make an effort to combine the most well-liked images while still meeting the technical specifications of the platform. Package deals allow you to save money while also eliminating some of the guessing when compared to individual services.

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