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Although product photography appears to be a simple notion, it requires extensive planning and consideration before you can begin. A price strategy for product photography is as important as the concept of product photography itself. There are numerous aspects that influence the cost of product photography and the amount you will pay the photographer to take the best possible images of your product.

Your object

A size restriction is typically the first of those parameters listed by the majority of studios when describing the kinds of products that will be compatible with their typical pricing plan. It’s a good idea to inquire with the studio about any size restrictions they may have and how this affects their pricing if you need a huge item photographed. In addition to size, studios could charge more for items that need a lot of cleaning or preparation before they can be photographed. A camping tent that needs to be put together and its creases ironed out is an excellent illustration. Not only are tents big, but they also need to be assembled and ready for shooting.

Photography approach

Cost is significantly influenced by the photography style chosen for the goods. White backdrop photography, which is the norm for most product photography studios, is at one extreme of the spectrum. The lifestyle photos are on the other end of the spectrum and may call for elaborate sets or on-location travel. Typically, there won’t be an additional charge for white backgrounds when compared to a regular pricing model. For the same price as a white background, some studios provide a range of solid background colors. But if you want more involved creative work, including lifestyle or on-location shoots, be prepared to pay more than these basic rates.

Arrival time

“You can have it fast, cheap, or good, select two,” is a proverb. Even if it’s overused, this adage holds true in many fields, and photography is no exception. A productive picture studio will frequently have a week or two’s worth of commitments made to their calendar. However, they will also leave some space open for urgent high-priority initiatives. Most studios provide the option to move your project up on the list for an additional charge if you need to finish it before everyone else.

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